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Elevating comfort in commercial settings

From expansive office buildings and retail spaces to educational institutions and healthcare facilities, hydronic underfloor heating systems offer unparalleled benefits. They provide consistent, radiant warmth that enhances the comfort of any space while being discreetly out of sight, preserving aesthetic and functional design choices. Moreover, their energy efficiency translates into significant cost savings over time, making them an environmentally responsible choice. With their adaptability to diverse architectural designs and scalability for large projects, hydronic underfloor heating systems are increasingly integrated into commercial developments, setting new standards for comfort and sustainability.

Retrofit or new build – energy efficient all the way

Whether integrating into an existing structure, or designing for a new build, hydronic underfloor heating systems offer superior energy efficiency for indoor climate control. For projects requiring retrofitting, solutions can be seamlessly incorporated with minimal structural impact, bringing older buildings up to modern energy standards. In new constructions, these systems are designed to work in tandem with the latest insulation and building materials, creating an eco-friendly footprint from the ground up. Engineers and HVAC specialists will appreciate the flexibility and adaptability of our underfloor heating solutions, ensuring that every project meets the highest benchmarks of energy efficiency.

Underfloor heating
Hydronic underfloor heating

Safe and healthy heating

In the context of aged care, safety and health are paramount. Our underfloor heating systems eliminate the risks associated with other solutions, such as blow heaters, ducted heating, and traditional radiators. By having heating that doesn’t rely on the circulation of air, which can move potential allergens and trigger health issues, these systems create a healthier living environment for the elderly, who are more susceptible to respiratory issues. Additionally, the gentle and even heat distribution helps to maintain an optimal comfort level, conducive to the wellbeing of residents with mobility issues or compromised immune systems. It’s also healthier and safer for staff and visitors.

Scalable to any project size

Our hydronic underfloor heating systems are engineered to be scalable, making them ideal for government and public building applications, from small community centres to large federal facilities. The in-floor design allows for precise calibration to accommodate the diverse heating needs of different spaces while maintaining consistent performance across all areas. Engineers and HVAC specialists can design systems that not only meet the unique requirements of each project but also ensure that they can be scaled up or down as necessary, future-proofing the investment. The underfloor heating system is paired with thermostats, enabling zones to be heated at different temperatures as needed, or turned off altogether if required, further increasing efficiency and comfort.

Hydronic heating system
Commercial Hydronic Heating

Optimising commercial environments

For office spaces, the application of underfloor heating systems is a game-changer. By maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature the work environment is optimised, enhancing productivity and employee satisfaction. Reduction of allergy related illness and leave is also a benefit. The invisible nature of underfloor heating ensures that no space is wasted on bulky radiators, allowing for a more flexible and aesthetically pleasing office layout. The efficiency of these systems can contribute to reduced operating costs and a greener office, aligning with corporate sustainability goals and wellbeing of teams.

Continuous, consistent comfort

In multi-residential buildings, ensuring continuous and consistent comfort can be a challenge. Our underfloor heating solutions address this by providing a steady and even heat that is both comfortable and efficient. Residents will enjoy the luxury of warm floors and a comfortable living space during colder months, without the hot and cold spots typical of conventional heating systems. This consistent comfort is a selling point for developers looking to attract discerning residents who value both luxury and sustainability.

Commercial Heating
Underfloor Hydronic Heating

Solutions for projects with glass facades

Ensure uninterrupted thermal comfort in commercial spaces with extensive floor to ceiling windows by combining underfloor heating with elegant in-floor trench heating system. This pairing creates a synergistic climate control system that combats the common challenges posed by large windows. Underfloor heating provides a uniform and gentle warmth across the floor, establishing a comfortable baseline temperature. Trench heating units, discreetly installed at the base of the glass windows, counteract the cold downdrafts and condensation that can occur in these areas. This combination ensures an uninterrupted thermal comfort by preserving the natural light and views that glass windows provide, while maintaining the architectural integrity of the space. Moreover, the dual system operates with high energy efficiency, reducing the heating load and energy costs.

Underfloor Heating Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, underfloor heating systems can be installed in a wide variety of buildings, including offices, retail, healthcare, and educational accommodation or learning environments. They are adaptable to different structural requirements and construction methods and can be installed into existing projects or new builds.

Underfloor heating systems distribute heat evenly and operate at lower temperatures than traditional ducted systems, reducing energy consumption and improving the building’s overall energy efficiency.

Commercial underfloor heating systems require minimal maintenance. Routine checks as per manufacturer guidelines and warranties are recommended to ensure optimal performance, but there are no daily or weekly maintenance tasks required.

Central building management systems can control the heating settings via thermostats, but there’s also the flexibility to have temperature in each space controlled by those occupying the area – again, via thermostat. This allows precise temperature regulation in different zones, maximising comfort, and efficiency.

Typically, 25-30 years is how long you can expect a well maintained, quality underfloor heating system to last. As with any product, the longevity of the system can be influenced by the quality of the installation and components used. Contact our commercial team to discuss your individual project requirements.

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