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Hydronic Heating

Types of Hydronic Heating Systems

Discerning commercial developers and engineers are increasingly opting for hydronic heating systems within their projects, with the understanding that this energy efficient commercial heating and cooling approach appeals to markets who have environmental impacts front of mind. Additionally, there are a host of other benefits offered including affordable running and maintenance costs, longevity of product lifespan and positive health and wellbeing factors.

Hydronic heating systems are flexible in application, working across any setting. In this article we are looking at the range of hydronic heating systems available on the commercial market:

  • Underfloor Heating
  • In-floor Trench Heating
  • Radiator Heating

We will also look at a couple of options for powering hydronic systems:

  • Heat Pumps
  • Boilers

Underfloor Heating and Cooling

Underfloor heating and cooling can be retrofit into existing projects, or installed within the slab during construction, with the option to have it throughout an entire property, or only in selected areas.

Often chosen for aged care residences, hydronic underfloor heating provides even, comfortable temperatures throughout main living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms, controlled by thermostat. The underfloor heating can be zoned via the thermostat so only the areas in use can be on at any given time. This supports energy efficiency. Underfloor heating is safe, with no risk of fire or trip hazard and as it isn’t run by fan power, there’s no airborne pollutants circulating through the space.

As well as aged care settings, hospitality projects and ski lodge projects are also perfect environments for hydronic underfloor heating systems.

Hydronic Heating

In-Floor Trench Heating

The perfect solution for projects with large glass facades and limited wall space, in-floor trench heating can run the length of any space, along the wall line, with the grille sitting flush to floor level.

In-floor trench heating can also cool and as with other hydronic systems is incredibly flexible in its application. Ideal for commercial and government office spaces, hospitality projects and retail outlets, this system option is discreet and grille fittings come in a range of styles to suit the design sensibility of your project.

Radiator Heating

Wall or radiator heating panels are popular across all commercial projects, with products specifically designed and manufactured for safety critical environments such as healthcare, aged care and early childhood settings. Radiators are also popular in university dormitories and sport and leisure projects.

Hydronic radiator heating can be installed in existing properties as a retrofit, or within new builds and products are available in a range of sizes to suit any space requirement.

Flexibility is again a feature, with additional radiators being able to be added to the system after the initial installation has taken place.

Heat Pumps

A clean and safe solution for fuelling your commercial heating and cooling system, heat pumps are able to create and deliver up to 15 times more energy than they use. While they are more costly to purchase and install than hydronic boilers, they are the most energy efficient option to power your hydronic set up.

Increasing in popularity for commercial projects, heat pumps are an ideal choice for both existing and new build developments.

Commercial heating and cooling


Installing a quality natural gas or electric boiler to power your commercial heating and cooling system will ensure energy efficiency and premium performance of your hydronic set up. Boilers require an annual service and have a product lifespan on average of 15 years. Compared to heat pumps, they are a lot more affordable to purchase and install. If you opt for electric boilers, you can pair them with a solar panel system to further reduce, or even entirely cover your running costs.

Condensing hot water boilers are also a beneficial addition as they enable limitless hot water access – which is ideal for tourism and hospitality projects, multi-dwelling residential, aged care and education developments.

Energy efficient heating

Integrate Hydronic Heating Systems into Your Next Project

Visit one of our state-of-the-art showrooms (in Melbourne and Sydney) to explore commercial heating and cooling products in action. Open to trades and the general public, our experienced team of consultants are on hand to review and discuss project plans and recommend the most appropriate products and systems for your current and future developments.

Alternatively, you can contact the team to talk through your project climate control requirements.

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