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Creating and delivering up to 15 times more energy than they use, heat pumps are a clean and safe choice for fuelling your sustainable heating and cooling system. They are the ideal choice for climate control in existing and new build residential and commercial settings. At Hunt Commercial, we bring the finest in climate control products from around the world to the Australian market for your commercial project needs.

Galletti heat pumps

1906 marked the humble beginnings of Galletti in Italy and still today their focus is on quality craftsmanship and innovation. Developing climate control solutions since the sixties, they have continuously evolved, adapting to the demands of the global marketplace.

Galletti’s range of heat pumps are world class when it comes to quality and performance, with Hunt Commercial being a proud partner and stockist.

Magis heat pump

The Magis reverse cycle air to water hydronic heat pump was manufactured by Immergas in Italy, who have been dedicated to creating climate solutions focused on saving energy and sustainability since 1964.

The air to water heat pump uses external air as a source of renewable energy: one of the best options in terms of energy efficiency, low running costs and reduction of polluting emissions.

This premium product is perfect for commercial and residential settings, offering a robust and flexible A++ energy efficiency solution, with a wide operating ambient range ensuring flexibility for all development project needs.

Unimo Eco-Cute Co2 Heat Pump

Manufactured in Japan by Mayekawa, the Eco-Cute Co2 heat pump boasts extremely low global warming potential (GWP) and offers a large ambient operating range, making it ideal for any location across Australia. Low noise and a unique bolt free design, this solution offers constant hot water production and high coefficient of performance (CoP) resulting in lower energy consumption and operating costs.

Mayekawa maintain a reputation for dedication and commitment to their innovation in energy saving and co2 reduction technology.

Co2 Heat Pump, Unimo Eco Cute

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Heat Pump Frequently Asked Questions

An air to water heat pump is used to heat and/or cool residential, industrial and commercial buildings, by transferring thermal energy from outside ambient air, into the buildings Hydronic system, inturn heating and/or cooling the spaces within.

When it comes to cooling, the heat pump simply operates in reverse to heating, absorbing heat energy from the indoor space, then releasing them to the atmosphere outside.

There are two main types of heat pumps, each utilizing different sources of energy, including:

  • Air source
  • Geothermal (ground-source/water source)

The most commonly used heat pumps commercially, worldwide are air to water.

At Hunt Commercial, we tend to focus on air to water heat pumps as the climate here in Australia is favourable, plus minimal overall infrastructure is require for installation d, making them the preferred choice by many Contact our team to discuss your project requirements.

If serviced routinely as per the manufacturers’ guidelines and maintained properly day to day, there’s no reason why a quality heat pump that has been installed by a professional wouldn’t last 15-20 years or longer.

When it comes to selecting the best climate control products, you really do need to consider your location, the space available, access and budget. it’s also best to keep in mind that there isn’t a one size fits all

Generally speaking, boilers are more expensive to operate, but smaller, lighter, cheaper to purchase and install and can heat a lot faster than a heat pump.

Consulting with experienced industry professionals is always advised, to ensure you are aware of all options that will suit your commercial development project.

Heat pumps are a lot more cost effective to run than traditional gas boilers, however the initial capital outlay for the heat pumpsis much higher than that of a gas boiler.

When it comes to efficiency rates, condensing boilers typically operate at 95%, whereas heat pumps can operate up to 400%, making them an extreamly energy efficient heating and option.

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