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Little Miller Residential Development East Brunswick

Products Provided

  • Heat pumps
    • Galletti 164kW Air to Water Heat Pumps
  • Heating Hot Water pumps
    • 5 x Grundfos CRIE Pumps
  • DHW storage
    • 2 x Custom 1500l Storage Vessel
  • Buffer Tank
    • 1 x Custom 1000l Buffer Tank
  • Expansion tanks
    • 1 x Imera 200L Expansion Tank
  • Water treatment accessories
    • 1 x Stainless Steel Dosing Pot
  • Thermostats and controllers
    • 1 x Controls cabinet
  • Radiator panel & trench heating
    • 119 x Delonghi Radel Radiators
  • Heated towel rails
    • 4 x Chrome Towel Rails
  • Radiator valves
    • 123 x Giacomini Valve Sets
  • Pipes & fittings
    • 4kms of Uponor Pipe and fittings

Project Overview

Little Miller is an apartment building in the heart of Brunswick East with sustainability and community in mind. Boasting a 7.5 star NatHERS thermal efficiency rating Little Miller will be one of the most sustainable multi residential developments in Victoria. 100% renewable energy services the 38 apartments – the building was intentionally designed with no gas connection.

Due to the efficiency and energy requirements of the building an air to water heat pump system was required to supply both the heating and hot water demand of the apartments and the shops below.

Hunt Heating had the pleasure of supplying all main components to the DHW and hydronic heating aspect of this project. At the heart of the system is 2 x 164kW Galletti HPS Heat Pump units. Using a custom design in conjunction with Galletti the heat pumps are capable of delivering up to 62°C water flow at maximum efficiency.

Next in line from the heat pumps is a custom designed, prefabricated skid which includes a 2205 stainless steel 500L buffer tank, 2x 2205 stainless steel twin coil 1500L DHW storage tanks, 5x Grundfos CRIE Vertical Multistage Pumps, a 200L Imera Expansion Vessel, stainless steel dosing pot and a full electrical controls cabinet.

The skid and all components were designed and assembled offsite by Hunt Heating prior to delivery which saved time for contractor’s onsite and ensured ease of installation. All components were suitable for external installation, fully insulated and bolted to the galvanised skid – ready to simply be craned from the back of a truck up to the roof of Little Miller for final connection. Once all plant equipment was installed, Hunt Heating also provided a commissioning service to ensure the system was running and performing to its full potential.

As well as the supply of the full plant equipment, Hunt Heating also supplied pipework, valves and terminal products to provide hydronic heating to each apartment. Given the low heating requirements for the building due to its high thermal efficiency rating, a simple low temperature radiator panel system was chosen.

119 Delonghi Radel steel panel radiators, 4 chrome heated towel rails and Giacomini reverse flow thermostatic valve sets were installed in total across the 38 apartments. Hydronic radiator panel systems have historically been run off higher flow temperatures delivered by a gas boiler – In the case of Little Miller, the radiators were sized to provide optimum internal temperatures utilising the lower flow temperatures delivered by the 2 heat pumps on the roof.

Due to the importance placed on natural light, natural ventilation and harnessing as much energy from the world around as possible, thermostatic radiator valves were provided to each radiator to further ensure maximum thermal comfort. When the building heats up naturally these valves will automatically regulate water flow into each individual radiator to ensure no heat is wasted.

Over 4000 metres of Uponor Multilayered Composite Pipe and fittings were used to transfer water from the plant on the roof to the network of radiator panels and back.

Overall the Little Miller project highlights the importance of holistic building design focusing on renewable energy and sustainability without sacrificing comfort or accessibility. Hunt Heating are proud to have been a part of this exciting development and know the products supplied will live up to the expectations of both the developers and residents.

Commercial Heating Brunswick, Melbourne HVAC
Commercial Heating Brunswick, Melbourne HVAC

Key Services Provided

Consultant Support

We provide product demonstrations and design consultations to ensure dependable delivery of superior hydronic heating solutions

Design Consultation

With a passion for premium design and engineering solutions, our insights into system layouts and drawings are second to none

Onsite Commissioning

Our team of engineers conduct onsite commissioning service and repair works to ensure your system is installed correctly

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