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Hydronic Heating and Cooling Systems for Retail Projects

Commercial Heating for Retail Spaces

Climate control in commercial retail settings can have a big impact on businesses. For this impact to be positive, ensuring customers and staff are comfortable year-round is key. At Hunt Commercial we have delivered, supported and consulted on commercial heating and cooling projects of varying scale and complexity. 

Beyond keeping retail customers and employees comfortable, there are a wide range of benefits of hydronic heating, including cheaper running and maintenance costs compared to ducted systems, energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact and overall product longevity, providing both value for money and premium performance. 

Commercial Hydronic Heating Project, Hunt Heating Commercial
Collingwood, VIC
Coles Flagship Supermarket
Hydronic Heating and Cooling, Commercial HVAC
Chirnside Park, VIC
Target - Chirnside Park
Hydronic Heating Australia, Best Heating and Cooling Systems
Chatswood, NSW
Myer - Westfield Chatswood
Hydronic Heating and Cooling, Commercial HVAC
Shailer Park, QLD
Hyperdome Shopping Centre
Commercial Hydronic Heating Project, Hunt Heating Commercial
Casey, ACT
Casey Market Town Shopping Centre
Hydronic Heating and Cooling, Commercial HVAC
Kedron, QLD
Coles Kedron
Commercial Hydronic Heating Project, Hunt Heating Commercial
Brisbane, QLD
Skygate Home & Life
Commercial Hydronic Heating Project, Hunt Heating Commercial
Yomanto, QLD
Hydronic Heating Australia, Best Heating and Cooling Systems
Kilmore, VIC
Kilmore Toyota

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Hydronic Heating for Shopping Centres

Cost Effective Climate Control

Fitting out commercial shopping centres with hydronic heating systems makes sense for several reasons. With large areas requiring temperature control, it is easy for daily running expenses to quickly get out of hand. Hydronic solutions offer lower running costs, up to 30% less than ducted heating and comparatively lower maintenance requirements, also saving on budget. 

With many shopping centres having a lack of wall space, either due to shopfronts dominating the perimeter, or large floor to ceiling windows, hydronic heating products such as underfloor heating, or in-floor trench heating are flexible, stylish, and functional and can work with literally any sized retail space. Hydronic commercial heating also rates highly on the safety front, with no fire risk, which is particularly important for multi-level centres with lifts. Invest in hydronic commercial heating for your retail centre and experience the many benefits. 

Energy Efficient Heating, Wall Heating
Underfloor Heating, Energy Efficient Heating

Commercial Hydronic for Supermarkets

Energy Efficient Heating Around the Clock

With large open commercial zones, such as supermarkets, it can be challenging to create and maintain a temperature that suits the many functions of the space. There’s also the possibility that the main entrance is wide open to the external environment of a parking area, or within a shopping centre and not enclosed. Hydronic commercial heating is highly energy efficient, using up to 70% less energy than electricity powered options. 

Where ducted systems generate an increase in temperature using fan forced air, which literally blows throughout the space, hydronic heating warms the objects in the area, including people, which then spread the warmth – this is known as ‘radiant heat’. Hydronic heating is more comfortable, consistent, even and non-drying compared to ducted system heating, where air forced warmth quickly escapes and is wasted. Product wise, you can install wall heating, also known as radiators, or opt for underfloor heating or in-floor trench heating along the perimeter of the store to save on space. 

Hydronic Heating for Showrooms

Space Conscious, Ambient Comfort for Customers

Whether the showroom is an automotive dealership, a homemaker centre, or any large-scale display space such as an art gallery, hydronic climate control offers visitors an even, consistent temperature. Using radiant heat, comfortable overall ambient temperature is achieved, which doesn’t dry out the air. The whisper quiet operation of underfloor heating and wall heating products is a large drawcard for this approach, keeping the atmosphere calm with zero noise pollution. Underfloor heating also adds a luxurious element to your showroom, while also offering cheaper running costs than ducted alternatives. Available for new build projects, or retrofitting into existing showrooms, hydronic underfloor heating and trench heating is popular in showroom settings due to not impacting on the floorspace, keeping it entirely free to showcase the products and services, as the space was designed to do. 

Wall Heating, Commercial Heating For Retail

Energy Efficient Heating for Your Next Commercial Project ​

For 40 years we have provided commercial climate control solutions, collaborating with leading property developers and engineers from initial hydronic system designs, through to installation and ongoing maintenance. 

At Hunt Commercial we are proud to be Australia’s leading provider of commercial hydronic systems, with our consultants offering every project their extensive knowledge and expertise. 

Whether your project is a single shopfront, or a multilevel shopping centre, we are here to support you throughout the entire process. Our collaborative approach and quality customer service has resulted in many repeat clients over the last three decades. Contact us to discuss your next commercial retail project. 

Heat Pump Frequently Asked Questions

An air to water heat pump is used to heat and/or cool residential, industrial and commercial buildings, by transferring thermal energy from outside ambient air, into the buildings Hydronic system, inturn heating and/or cooling the spaces within.

When it comes to cooling, the heat pump simply operates in reverse to heating, absorbing heat energy from the indoor space, then releasing them to the atmosphere outside.

There are two main types of heat pumps, each utilizing different sources of energy, including:

  • Air source
  • Geothermal (ground-source/water source)

The most commonly used heat pumps commercially, worldwide are air to water.

At Hunt Commercial, we tend to focus on air to water heat pumps as the climate here in Australia is favourable, plus minimal overall infrastructure is require for installation d, making them the preferred choice by many Contact our team to discuss your project requirements.

If serviced routinely as per the manufacturers’ guidelines and maintained properly day to day, there’s no reason why a quality heat pump that has been installed by a professional wouldn’t last 15-20 years or longer.

When it comes to selecting the best climate control products, you really do need to consider your location, the space available, access and budget. it’s also best to keep in mind that there isn’t a one size fits all

Generally speaking, boilers are more expensive to operate, but smaller, lighter, cheaper to purchase and install and can heat a lot faster than a heat pump.

Consulting with experienced industry professionals is always advised, to ensure you are aware of all options that will suit your commercial development project.

Heat pumps are a lot more cost effective to run than traditional gas boilers, however the initial capital outlay for the heat pumpsis much higher than that of a gas boiler.

When it comes to efficiency rates, condensing boilers typically operate at 95%, whereas heat pumps can operate up to 400%, making them an extreamly energy efficient heating and option.

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