Radiator Panel & Trench Heating - Hot Water Radiators

Wall mounted radiator panels are one of the most common forms of hydronic heating – they are affordable and efficient with hundreds of sizes available. Hot water is pumped throughout the system, and a hot water radiator emits heat into rooms. Safe touch steel panels and the Jaga convector range have a low surface temperature, making them safe for hospitals, schools and aged care residences.

Jaga wall and floor convectors have been thoroughly tested by numerous independent European bodies, achieving the highest outputs with the lowest amount of energy consumed. Jaga H2O convectors boast a 9 to 16% energy saving compared to a standard radiator panel. Fan convectors such as the Art-U and Briza use modulating fans. These fans boost heating output and allow for hydronic cooling applications too, making them perfect for use with reverse cycle heat pumps.