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Heat Pumps: Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

While improving his electric deep freezer, American inventor, Robert C Webber, burned his hand and realised that his freezer had been producing boiling hot water. He didn’t want to waste the heat and directed the hot water via a copper tube to a small electric fan to blow the heat throughout his home. This light bulb moment back in 1948 underpinned the creation of the first ground-source heat pump.

Today the heat pump is one of the most energy efficient devices for heating and cooling applications and is used across residential, commercial and industrial settings with highly effective results.

This article covers:

  • How heat pumps work
  • Where they are used
  • The benefits
  • Product overview
  • Rebates 

How do heat pumps work?

The heat pump is a device that draws energy from the surrounding environment into the system to be used for cooling or heating air or water. It uses a compressor and a circulating structure of either liquid or gas refrigerant, which extracts the heat absorbed from the environment. This energy can be extracted from a few different sources: water, the ground or most commonly, the air. Once the energy has been extracted, it goes into the system water and is either heated or cooled, depending on the pump type and system setting, then pumped indoors.

Reversible heat pumps are able to both heat and cool, like a reversible air-conditioning unit, whereas a heat pump used only for heating might be referred to as a ‘dedicated heat pump’.

heat pump hydronic, energy efficient heating

Image Credit: energyrating.gov.au

Where are heat pumps used?

Residentially and commercially heat pumps can be used for:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Cooling drinking water
  • Space heating
  • Hot water systems

Industrially, heat pumps can be used for:

  • Process cooling and heating
  • Boiler feed water pre-heating
  • Drying
  • Pasteurisation
  • Washing processes

Environmentally and economically heat pumps are a great option for industrial applications because instead of releasing the heat into the atmosphere, it can be recycled into steps of the processes.

Benefits of using heat pumps

There are multiple advantages to using heat pumps in residential, commercial and industrial settings and applications:

  • Durability: heat pumps are tough devices with an average lifespan of around 15 years and often a lot longer. The reliability and efficiency make them a steady source of heat.
  • Less environmental impact: using heat pump systems reduces carbon emissions and increases energy efficiency conversion rates. Water source heat pumps can reach close to 600% efficiency, a lot lower environmental impact than ducted heating and cooling systems. They can also be combined with solar panels to decrease bills and energy wastage.
  • Flexibility: Air to air heat pumps enable a switch from heating to cooling in warmer weather, providing an air conditioning effect.
  • Cheaper to run: lower running costs than ducted and central heating combustion-based systems, heat pumps may cost more to install, but offer longer term financial benefits.
  • Lower maintenance: heat pump systems can be checked by the owner annually, compared to professional installer visits that are needed for combustion heating systems.


heat pump, hydronic heating australia

Heat pump water heaters are roughly three times more efficient than a conventional electric water heater. When used in the right environment they save energy, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Air to water heat pump products

Hunt Commercial stock many heat pumps, which are reverse cycle so they can provide both cooling and heating options. With no combustion process, they are often seen as the most environmentally friendly solution in comparison to ducted and central heating and cooling.

Contact our commercial team to discuss the best options for your project

Unimo Eco-Cute C02 air to water heat pump

CO2 or EcoCute heat pumps are free of chemical refrigerants, using natural CO2 instead. So you achieve environmental benefits and gain the option of producing up to 90⁰C water at COPs of up to 4.2.


heat pump Australia, commercial hydronic heatingManufactured by: Mayekawa

  • Manufactured in japan
  • 90 degrees Celsius constant hot water production
  • 1/3 footprint reduction increasing accessibility and installation locations
  • Simple bolt free design protects against rust and maintains attractive appearance
  • Low noise
  • Large ambient operating range
  • Extremely low GWP (global warming potential)

Download your free product guide for the Unimo Eco-Cute C02

Galletti heat pumps

Manufactured in Italy, the Galletti air to water heat pump portfolio boasts a huge range of sizes, varying configurations, and a variety of options and accessories.

heat pump supplier, commercial heating


Galletti EvitecH Heat Pump

  • Class A in heat pump operating mode
  • Produces hot water up to 65 degrees Celsius
  • Full load operation up to -20 degrees Celsius outside air temperature

Download your free product guide for the Galletti EvitecH

Galletti MPE Heat Pump

  • Cooling capacity of 4-76 kW
  • Heating capacity of 5-85 kW
  • Dual-compressor version that guarantees high efficiency at partial loads
  • Built in hydronic unit

Download your free product guide for the Galletti MPE

Galletti SCX Heat Pump

  • Completely configurable range
  • Hyblade fans
  • Incorporable hydronic kits
  • Remote connectivity with the most common protocols
  • Tandem and trio solutions for high efficiency at partial loads

Download your free product guide for the Galletti SCX

Galletti HPS Heat Pump

  • EVI compressors with vapour injection
  • Electronically controlled expansion valve
  • Smart kit for ‘cold’ start up
  • Available as multifunction version for 2 or 4 pipe systems

Download your free product guide for the Galletti HPS

Galletti LCP (2-pipe and 4-pipe)

  • Air conditioning and domestic hot water unit
  • Suit residential and industrial use
  • Total heat recovery in two-pipe and four-pipe systems
  • High efficiency under part load conditions
  • Production of chilled water up to an air temperature of 51 degrees Celsius

Download your free product guide for the Galletti LCP

Audax ErP Reverse Cycle Hydronic Heat pump

Available in a full range of inverter driven sizes from 6kW to 21kW, Audax offers a robust and flexible A++ energy efficient solution.

  • 4 single-phase versions, 2 three-phase versions
  • Compatible with DHW storage tank
  • Can work in conjunction with additional heat sources

Download your free product guide for the Audax ErP Reverse Cycle

Rebates for heat pumps

Solar and heat pump hot water systems could be eligible for renewable power incentives in the form of small-scale technology certificates. There is also the possibility of Australian, state and territory government rebates and assistance for the installation of these systems, which can make them a cost-effective solution for your commercial projects

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