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Hydronic heating system

Wall Heating – Hydronic Products for All Applications

Integrating hydronic heating radiators into your projects is a flexible, sustainable option for climate control. Not only are they cheaper to run than ducted systems, they’re also easier to maintain and the premium choice for product lifespan. Hydronic systems are also much more beneficial for health as they do not use fan elements to alter air temperature.

Whether you’re working on multi-dwelling residential, commercial retail or office spaces, accommodation or care facilities, there are wall heating products available to suit all settings.

In this article we take a look at the range of hydronic wall heating products and how they can be applied to any project type to offer your clients an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for climate control.

Radiator panels

At Hunt we carry a wide range of radiator heating panels. Many of the brands we stock offer the flexibility of various panel sizes and colours so it is possible to find a suitable option for the space you are accommodating.

In terms of settings, wall heating products suit a multitude of needs.

Wall Heating

Aged care and health projects

When it comes to safety critical environments, it is important that the temperature is easily changed as required, the systems are straightforward to use for time pressured staff and the products are safe for patients, staff and visitors. Cost effectiveness is also a bonus, particularly with soaring energy prices.

All of these factors are covered by a hydronic heating system, which is why they are increasingly becoming a popular choice across all project types.

Within aged care and health settings, we recommend heating panels by manufacturers such as DeLonghi who have created products that are ‘safe touch’. Available in a range of sizes, this product can be used within patient rooms, as well as larger spaces such as corridors, dining halls, administration and recreation areas.

We have consulted on and supplied hydronic heating panels for a number of projects in this sector and our experienced team are happy to support you with your aged care projects and healthcare heating and cooling requirements.

Education projects

A hydronic heating system is fast becoming a widespread choice for heating in a number of education settings, including residential dormitories and learning environments within university campuses, secondary and primary schools, through to pre-school and day care settings.

Similar to the wall heating products used in aged care and health environments, the safe to touch panels are popular in spaces where younger children are being cared for. Within settings for older children through to adults, hydronic heating radiators from across the range are regularly selected.

Commercial offices

Hydronic heating radiators are used widely throughout Europe within commercial and government office settings and is now taking off in Australia as a sustainable long term climate control option.

We have worked on a selection of commercial office projects, as well as government and public building projects where hydronic radiator heating has been the best choice of product and system for climate control.

Designer Radiators

At our state-of-the-art show rooms, we have the latest products on display, including our premium range of designer radiators.

These top-of-the-line European products can be integrated into any project and are popular choices across retail, tourism and hospitality developments.

Designer radiators offer both style and function and can easily become a showcase feature within a space, or discreet climate control that blends perfectly within the space. Many of the designer radiators in our range are able to be colour matched to existing or planned interior palettes, offering flexibility.

Heating radiators

Heated Towel Rails

An affordably luxury, heated towel rails are another form of hydronic radiator heating, offering warm towels, but also the ability to keep the moisture from creating mould within wet rooms.

Integrating heated towel rails within your residential and hospitality projects adds a touch of style, while offering practical and sustainable heating.

Hydronic heating system

Want to see hydronic climate control solutions in action?

Our showrooms are open for trade and general public in Melbourne and Sydney. Visit with clients or tradespeople, bring in project plans for a consultation with our experienced team, or simply see the products in action.

Hunt Heating have been bringing hydronic heating and cooling solutions to projects nationwide since 1982. We are proud to stock and distribute premium products for commercial and residential projects and have been involved in award winning sustainable developments.

Contact the team to discuss your latest projects and the best approach to integrating hydronic climate control solutions.

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