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Hydronic heating and cooling systems

Hydronic Heating System Training – giving teams a professional edge

With the ever-increasing demand of Hydronic heating and cooling systems, the need for tradespeople to be professionally trained to install and maintain these solutions is paramount.  

For hydronic systems to perform optimally, the correct product selection and installation must be carried out. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we have committed to developing and running comprehensive training for those wanting to add practical, specialist education to their existing HVAC qualifications and experience. 

Australians are increasingly becoming more conscious of their impact on the environment and as a result we have seen a surge in the popularity of hydronic heating and cooling systems for businesses, developments and residential properties.  

By getting your team trained in hydronic products and installation, you are giving your business and employees a professional edge and showing clients your commitment to industry best practice. In this article we cover: 

  • The hydronic heating system – a brief overview 
  • Hunt Heating Commercial Training Academy 
  • Hydronic heating product training 
  • Hydronic heating seminars 
  • On-site training, Australia wide 
  • Give your business and team an industry edge 
Energy efficient hydronic heating and cooling systems

The hydronic heating system – a brief overview 

One of the best heating and cooling systems on the market, hydronics boast a range of benefits including energy efficiency, producing lower levels of green-house gas emissions than alternatives, and being up to 35% more cost effective to run than ducted systems. 

Conventional heating and cooling systems rely on hot or cold fan forced air to create the desired temperature, whereas Hydronic heating systems and cooling solutions use water. 

The water is heated by a boiler or a heat pump and then circulated through a system of pipes, which in turn warms up and increases the temperature through what is known as ‘radiant heat’.  

Hydronic products include: 

Hunt Heating Training Academy 

As Australia’s first choice for commercial hydronic heating and cooling solutions, we are proud to support trade and industry professionals by sharing our extensive knowledge and experience via our Hydronic Heating Training Academy.  

Whether you want to discover how to professionally install hydronic underfloor heating or are looking to increase your overall understanding from a sales perspective, we have training options to suit. 

Our sessions are ideal for the following professionals looking to build on their existing training, skills and knowledge: 

  • Installers 
  • Consultants 
  • Architects 
  • Designers 
Hydronic heating and cooling systems

Hydronic heating product training  

From our both our Melbourne headquarters and Sydney showroom and Alexandria, we offer practical, hands-on product training for individuals and teams.  

These training sessions will equip participants with installation techniques for the latest hydronic heating and cooling technology on the market.  

Functional examples of the following products are used within the sessions to ensure you receive comprehensive and practical training across all solutions and methods commonly applied in Australia: 

Hydronic Heating Training Academy

Hydronic heating seminars 

Keep up to speed with the latest industry developments from overseas, including European hydronic products, by attending our series of seminars. In addition to discovering industry insights, these events offer a great opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and increase your industry network.  

On-site training, Australia wide 

If you can’t attend training at our Melbourne headquarters or Sydney showroom, let us bring the training academy to you. We have a fully equipped Display Training Vehicle (DTV) which visits locations across the nation. Our aim is to raise awareness of the many benefits of energy-efficient hydronic heating and cooling systems

Locations we visit include: 

  • Distribution partners 
  • TAFE colleges 
  • Showroom partners 
  • Independent installers 

What is the DTV fitted out with? 

Our complete range of condensing and solar hydronic hot water and heating solution products are included in the training fit out of the DTV. Many of the static products are cut away to show you a cross section, which enables a more comprehensive understanding of hydronic principles and product specific features. 

Currently the mobile training academy includes the following products: 

  • Fully functioning Immergas Condensing gas boiler 
  • Wired and wireless controls 
  • Immergas Partage Box 
  • Radiator Valves 
  • Pipe and fittings 
  • Trailer with a range of other heat sources 
  • TV for presentations. 

Who can book a DTV visit? 

The Hunt Heating DTV can be commissioned by contractors with a prior arrangement to provide demonstrations for: 

  • Customer meetings 
  • Installer meetings 
  • Regional industry shows. 

‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions 

Host a lunchtime session at your business location to educate your installers about hydronic heating and cooling products. Book our Mobile Display Training Vehicle (DTV) at a time and day that suits you and your team. 

Invest in your team’s professional development by booking a free training session

Wall Heating

Give your team and business an industry edge 

We respect that individuals and teams have existing qualifications for their respective trades and years of experience under their belts.  

Our Training Academy is focused on giving you and your teams an industry edge by sharing the expertise and knowledge that we have gained through 30 years of experience working specifically with commercial hydronic heating and cooling systems.  

Without specialist training in hydronics, tradespeople won’t be fully equipped to ensure that they can optimise the running of hydronic systems with appropriate product selection and installation techniques. 

We want to arm you and your teams with specialist education for these systems so you can continue to carry out your high-quality work, with the added ability to confidently promote the fact that you have training in hydronic system installation. 

Ready to upskill your team in commercial hydronic heating and cooling systems? 

We are committed to product innovation and delivery of first-class services and are considered leaders in the Commerical Hydronic industry in Australia.  

If you would like your team and business to benefit from our specialist industry training and support, don’t hesitate to contact the team to discuss the best training options to suit your needs. 

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