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Hydronic Heating Service, Boiler

5 Reasons to Service and Maintain Hydronic Heating Systems

Investing in a Hydronic heating and cooling system is a fantastic way to reap the many benefits of low carbon, energy efficient climate control. However, to ensure optimal performance of elements such as;  heat pumps,  boilers, underfloor, trench and wall mounted heating products, your hydronic system needs attention and care.

Commercial Hydronic heating and cooling systems are largely used for their energy efficiency, which will vary depending on how often they are serviced and how well they are maintained. 

Hydronic Heating Service, Boiler

We’ve rounded up the top five reasons why it’s important to keep your hydronic heating system serviced and maintained on a regular basis. In this post we’ll look at:

  • Reason 1: Appliance Safety
  • Reason 2: Reduce Repairs
  • Reason 3: Ensure Peak Performance 
  • Reason 4: Maintain Your Warranty
  • Reason 5: Maximise Product Lifespan 
  • Main Components and Functions to Maintain
  • Signs Your Hydronic System May Need A Check-Up

Reason 1: Appliance Safety

If you regularly service your hydronic heating and cooling systems, it ensures that they are in safe operational order. Regular servicing of components such as the boiler reduces the risk of appliance malfunctions or breakdowns during use.  This results in less downtime for clients, residents and customers. 

Reason 2: Reduce Repairs

As with many systems, identifying any potential problems as early as possible can prevent a larger issue from occurring down the line. 

Generally speaking, the larger the issue, the more costly the repair work is going to be and the longer the system will be out of operation. It’s also important to note that what can begin as a smaller issue can have a greater impact on other aspects of the system if left unchecked. Regular servicing by a Hydronic professional will prevent this from occurring with early detection.

By scheduling routine servicing, you will reduce repairs and save on some of your most important resources – time and money. 

Reason 3: Ensure Peak Performance

One of the main draw cards to installing Hydronic systems is the excellent energy efficiency and as a result, a large reduction in energy bills. If you don’t regularly service and maintain your system, you run the risk of having the opposite effect – not having a system that is as energy efficient as it could be and higher energy bills.

Keeping your hydronic heating and cooling system regularly serviced and maintained by a qualified professional will result in ongoing efficiency and reliability of your climate control solution. 

Qualified Hydronic servicing professionals will run a series of tests and checks to verify a system is functioning efficiently and effectively. If anything is detected to be less than optimal, it can be addressed and resolved promptly. 

Reason 4: Maintain Your Warranty

Quality Hydronic heat pumps, boilers, underfloor heating and wall mounted radiators will all come with product warranties, but it is important to adhere to the recommended servicing time frames to ensure you can benefit from the remaining warranty in the event of any issues. 

By having your Hydronic system serviced as per the product warranty guidelines, you will ensure that any remaining warranty is maintained. The manufacturers of the different components will stipulate the frequency of servicing that is recommended to keep the warranty valid.

Reason 5: Maximise Product Lifespan

The initial investment required for the  installation of a Hydronic heating and cooling system is a significant one, but by doing so you are investing in high quality, energy efficient climate control. Given the extent of the investment, it makes sense to do what you can to lengthen the lifespan of the products as much as possible.

Regular servicing and maintenance will extend the life of the components in your Hydronic system, reducing the need for any costly repairs and replacements. 

Main Components and Functions to Maintain

The following elements of your Hydronic heating and cooling system need to be factored in when it comes to regular servicing and maintenance.

Safety Devices

All appliances have safety devices that need to be routinely tested and checked so you can be assured that they are working effectively. Appropriate maintenance reduces the risk of malfunctions or breakdowns and potential safety issues.

Gas Valve Leakage Testing

With regard to gas boilers, at least once every  twelve months, or more as per manufacturer’s guidelines, to ensure that the gas valves are working optimally and all gas is safely vented. If found to be malfunctioning, action must be taken immediately.

Water Expansion Tanks

Expansion tanks are a critical component for any sealed Hydronic heating or cooling system which need to be checked regularly. If found to have low or no pressure they must be recharged or replaced immediately.  

System Water

The condition of the system water circulating through your Hydronic system needs to be checked regularly. Checking system water quality can help prevent problems with corrosion and/or scale forming  within components and/or pipe work, which can lead to blockages. Checking the system water quality  and cleaning it as needed will also lead to longer service life of the equipment.

Moving Parts

Any moving parts, such as fans and pumps need to be routinely inspected and tested for correct function and operation. Ensuring fans are running freely with lubricated bearings, will all ensure longer service life. 

Gas Supply Pressure

Gas supply pressure is critical for modern high efficient condensing boilers to perform at their peak performance. Gas pressure should be checked upon commission and during ongoing maintenance.

Combustion Analysis

A regular combustion analysis is critical  for gas fired boilers. Carried out by qualified professionals, the analysis measures the exhaust gases produced when combustion of gas takes place. A combustion analysis checks the Carbon Monoxide, Co2 and O2 levels within combustion , if found to be outside of the manufacturers recommended levels, adjustments need to be made. 

Performed on a regular  basis, a combustion analysis ensures optimal performance and highlights any causes for concern which can then be dealt with..

Hydronic Heating Service, Heat Pump

Signs Your Hydronic System May Need A Check-Up

If you are having your hydronic heating and cooling system regularly serviced, great news. However, here are a few signs that something may be amiss with your system and should act promptly and  contact your licensed professional for an evaluation. Typical signs include;

  • The system is taking longer to perform than usual
  • The system needs topping up with water regularly
  • Water leaks evident
  • Unusual noises coming from the system.
  • Parts of the system not performing

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