Hunt Heating Commercial offers a range of services to support the implementation of your new heating and cooling solution. We understand that our products require a high level of detail to ensure they are installed correctly and providing optimum climate control to your building.

Our team of experts can provide demonstrations and design consultations to ensure seamless integration of a hydronic heating and cooling system into your commercial project. Our industry experts can provide hands-on, practical training to ensure only the most capable hands are the ones installing your new system.

Presentation & demonstrations

Our Mobile Display Training Vehicle (DTV) can be booked to visit your workplace at a time and day that suits your team. 'Lunch and learn' sessions can be hosted at your office to provide your installers with the product knowledge and insights.

Consultant support

Our consultants can assist you with system design, plant room layouts, and product selections to ensure you're getting the right solution for your building's climate control.

Design consultation & advice

Our technical experts can provide design support to your project's draftsmen. Using the latest BIM and Revit software, our experts ensure your new heating and cooling system is designed and optimised for better performance.

Plant room inspection

The running costs of your existing heating system is directly related to the technology and products you have installed on site - whether it's the controls system, the heat source or the terminal products within each room they all have a direct impact on your bills. Our consultants and engineers can review your current plantroom to ensure you have the right equipment at the heart of your system.

Onsite commissioning

Boiler or heat pump commissioning is crucial to ensuring your heating and cooling system performs at its peak operating capabilities. Our team of engineers conduct onsite commissioning service and repair works to ensure your system is installed correctly and continues to run the way it should.

Trade support

We believe one of the best ways to support industry and trade professionals is to share our extensive product knowledge. We offer a number of services to train installers and engineers such as our mobile training program and training academy based in our Melbourne showrooms.

Training academy

In our quest to innovate the heating and cooling industry, we've made it our mission to provide trade professionals with the latest resources and training. Our Hunt Heating training academy is fully-equipped to offer training for installing the latest hydronic heating and cooling technology.