Design consultation & advice

At Hunt Heating Commercial, we’re attentive to the finest details of the biggest projects.
With a passion for premium design and engineering solutions, our insights into system layouts and drawings are second to none.

Attention to detail

We believe paying attention to the finest details can make the most significant difference when it comes to your building project. We understand the benefits of blending premium aesthetic design with first-class engineering solutions. 

Our consultants provide valuable insights into system layouts and plant drawings to ensure you're getting the most out of your hydronic heating and cooling system. 

Premium design solutions

Our technical experts are also available to support your draftsmen with system drawing assistance. Utilising product drawing and design tools in AutoCAD, our experts will help perfect your designs to ensure your heating and cooling system will be utilised to its full potential.

With our team of experts supporting your project every step of the way, you'll achieve the best results for your building's climate control.

plant room inspection

Plant room inspection

The running costs of your existing heating system are directly related to the technology and products you have installed on-site - whether it’s the controls system, the heat source or the terminal products within each room they all have a direct impact on your bills. Our consultants and engineers can review your current plant room to ensure you have the right equipment at the heart of your system.

Do you have any questions about our design consultation services? Call us on 1300 001 800 or send an enquiry to find out more.

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