Plant room inspection

The running costs of your existing heating system are directly related to the technology and products you have installed on-site. Whether it's the controls system, the heat source, or the terminal products within each room, they all have a direct impact on your bills. Our consultants and engineers can review your current plant room to ensure you have the right equipment installed at the heart of your system.

Expert recommendations

Many components make up the design of your plant room. From ventilation fans to boilers, everything needs to work in harmony to efficiently heat and cool your building. By carrying out a plant room inspection, our consultants can recommend the right equipment to enhance the efficiency of your hydronic heating system.

Tailored solutions

Do you have specific performance requirements in mind for your building? Our consultants can perform a free site visit and survey at the concept stage or during construction with your mechanical contractor. For your existing plant room, our experts can analyse your current energy usage and costs to determine if there's a more cost-effective solution available.

Do you have any questions about our plant room inspection services? Call us on 1300 001 800 or send an enquiry to find out more.

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onsite commisioning

Onsite commissioning

Our nationwide installer connections and in house technicians can provide an onsite boiler commissioning service for your building project. Onsite commissioning is a crucial step in the building and installation process.